What Clients Are Saying

“Amy is my go-to coach whenever I find myself feeling stuck. She patiently, skillfully, and lovingly guides me out of the mud of my own making. Amy always creates a safe space in which I can be entirely open; I trust her with the most vulnerable parts of my heart, knowing she will treat them with respect. She listens, she remembers, she reminds, she cheers, she asks thoughtful questions…and she does all this as many times as it takes until I finally GET IT. She can cut to the heart of a matter quickly, and always with gentleness. Amy is a gifted coach and I am grateful for her presence in my life.” –Rena Rachar, Certified Coach ~Helping you Wake Up, Get Real & Get Going~

“I engaged Amy for an 8-week coaching program. The 8 weeks far exceeded my expectations. In the past I had been hesitant to have these types of conversations and really open myself up. Amy made me feel very comfortable being vulnerable. She listened, she pushed me where I needed it and had a sense for when to pull back when I was stuck. Amy was also open to feedback. After our first call when I mentioned an outline of the next 7 weeks would be helpful, she customized a program for me in writing that really helped put me at ease. I can’t recommend Amy highly enough for anybody who wants to tap into their emotional intelligence.” –Brad M, Washington DC Metropolitan Area

“Amy helped me find what was always there to begin with.  Using a supportive method that inspires confidence and trust, she opened my eyes to new ways of looking at work situations and challenges that freed me to achieve more positive and lasting outcomes.  I always feel ‘lighter’ after a coaching session with her — the result of finding my path.  The work isn’t always easy. It is always necessary and productive. Amy has a natural way of assisting me to see what is most important for making good decisions and leading my organization with grace.” –President & CEO of top-rated American museum

“When I think of my ideal client and coach – Amy Steindler immediately comes to mind. Amy recently contracted me to speak in her on-line corporate coaching program.  I had the opportunity to work with her behind the scenes in preparing for my session as well as see her exceptional teaching and coaching skills on other calls.

Amy excels at deep listening and combined with a wise perspective, helps her coaching clients connect the dots while empowering them to move out of their comfort zones to learn and practice new skills. While this was the first time she offered this program – you would never know it – she handled herself like an absolute pro as though she had been running this program for years. Amy has the unique ability to bring out the very best in people. We need more coaches like that, particularly in the corporate arena.

Amy is an absolute delight to work with. I wouldn’t hesitate recommending her as a 1:1 or group coach.”
–Natalie Currie, ACC, Natalie Currie Enterprises Inc.

“How Amy is able to ‘get me’ so quickly and so gracefully is a delightful part of the coaching process.  She establishes trust so quickly that I found myself sharing things I never thought I would utter to another human being.  Giving these things voice has moved me in positive directions, prompted me to be more thoughtful about things I was ignoring and has bolstered my confidence to concentrate on things that are meant for me, stepping around those that are not.  Amy’s sessions leave me with energy and a renewed spirit.  Every time. ” –E.S., New England

“Amy was my savior when my life seemed to be falling apart at the seams. I was in a rut at my job, over-stressed with a lack of mental energy to be present for my family…. it was a terrible time in my life – and of my own doing. Not being a crier, and quite honestly, hated being vulnerable, during my first meeting with Amy, she cut to the quick and I cried, saying, ‘Can we never do this [crying thing] again?’

Well, we did … and I am a better person for it. Her lovingly non-judgemental, curious way of getting to know me allowed me to open up and learn and know myself better – and it has changed my life.  ‘We come by it honestly’ has given me the capacity to stop judging myself and to become more authentically me at ALL times. I said just the other day, ‘this is the happiest I have ever been’ to my husband. I credit my happiness to Amy and her skills and… for being the incredible person she is.”
–LM, Annapolis


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