Unlock answers to your life’s most puzzling questions…in your sleep

Everyone dreams.  Even if you aren’t able to remember your dreams, you dream at least four or five times a night.  And those dreams can give you clues to how you are living your waking life—how you feel, what obstacles you are facing—and what to do next.

Because your conscious mind is, well, un-conscious while you sleep, the stories your mind habitually tells you about your life are absent from your dreams.  The part of you that censors unpleasant thoughts and hides your full accountability for your life is inactive.  Your dreams are free to reveal basic truths about you, your relationships, and the issues in your life that hold you back.  Dreams are the most direct link to your psyche, and to the deepest knowledge in your soul—your inner wisdom.

The metaphors and story lines in dreams and nightmares can bring you surprising new knowledge, deeper understanding of yourself, and inspiring messages that can transform your life.  Learning to interpret your dreams gives you a valuable tool to become more conscious of your true self, your best path, and your right life.  If you are on a path of self-discovery or healing, paying attention to your dreams can add new understanding and lend deeper meaning to your journey.

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2 Responses to Dream Analysis

  1. sharon says:

    I have this recurring dream about me losing my pocketbook or wallet

    • amysteindler says:

      To understand this dream, start by describing what a wallet or purse is, as if you were describing it to an alien from another planet. What is a wallet or purse for? Why do people carry them? What’s in them? What happens if you lose them?

      My hunch is that there’s something or someone in your life that you value highly that you are afraid of losing. Can you think of anyone or anything that the answers you gave to the alien above might resemble?

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