Insight Coaching


What is Insight Coaching?

As an Insight Coach, I guide clients to “know what they already know,” and help them understand how they operate in the world so they can stop standing in their own way. My job is to help them find and trust the personal insights and truths that will lead them to the best life they can imagine.  The work is future-focused, but will uncover patterns and blind spots that have slowed growth or caused pain.

If you, or anyone you know is interested in unlocking their essential selves to create a happier, more centered life, Insight Coaching may be just the ticket.  Insight Coaching may be right for you if:

  • InsightOut Life Coaching Imageyou feel mildly or wildly dissatisfied with your life, or realize you’ve been living in a low-level state of anxiety for some time.
  • you are engaged in the interior battle between external approval and heart’s desire.
  • you are feeling “stuck” in your career or your relationships and want more out of both.
  • you feel unbalanced in work and play.
  • you feel something is missing but you can’t quite figure out what that “something” is.
  • you can’t quite claim your place in the world, and are highly influenced by the opinions of others.
  • you want to move through the world with more joy and generosity.
  • you want to be able to take in more of the joy and generosity of others.
  • you want to find a way to make a living that honors your true self.

Please Note: Coaching is not a substitute for therapy.  For those in crisis, seek a licensed mental health professional immediately.

What’s the Process Like?

While it works differently for each individual, the basic process involves finding the areas in your life that make you feel like you’re living inside a washing machine, or perched at the pinnacle of a precipice (where, ironically, jumping is the only way to reach safety), or stretched on a medieval torture rack.  Or whatever your version of discomfort involves.

Once those areas are identified, we pick them apart to find out what stands in the way of finding a path that leads you to a more comfortable place, where you feel relaxed inhabiting your body and happily connected to your world.  Usually, we can narrow it down to limiting beliefs or painful thoughts that you’ve collected over time that nobody bothered to point out to you. Then you do the work of rewiring your own brain to remove the obstacles, which opens up the space for your own truths to reside, and for your most powerful energy to be released.

Insight Coaching can be done in person, or by phone or Skype™, so geography is not an issue.  All client names and prospective client names, and the content of all discussions, are held in strictest confidence.

What Does it Cost?

Depending on the level of commitment you choose and the length of the sessions, per-session fees range from $125 to $250.  For a 45-minute initial consult, the fee is $90.

Intrigued?  Read a few blog posts, then email me at and we’ll set up a free consultation to see if Insight Coaching makes sense for you right now.