Walking Each Other Home

Small groups. Big epiphanies.


“We’re all just walking each other home.”–Ram Dass

Everyone’s got a story.  We’ve all experienced joy and pain, happiness and confusion, peace and chaos.

Sometimes all in the same day.

What if we could share these experiences in a safe environment, with like-minded women who want to feel connected and supported as they walk through life?  Walking Each Other Home is a series of small group events, each one focused on a different topic, with facilitated discussions about what’s most important in our lives.  Participation is limited, based on topic and venue, to keep it cozy and give everyone a chance to be heard.  Spot-coaching, wisdom-sharing and kindness are all on the menu.

Tell us what you’re experiencing, and we’ll listen without judgment.  No one will try to “fix” you.

You’ll leave with a sense of connection to wonderful, soulful women who will be happy to walk you home.



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