Walking Each Other Home

Small groups. Big epiphanies.


“We’re all just walking each other home.”–Ram Dass

Everyone’s got a story.  We’ve all experienced joy and pain, happiness and confusion, peace and chaos.

Sometimes all in the same day.

What if we could share these experiences in a safe environment, with like-minded women who want to feel connected and supported as they walk through life?  Walking Each Other Home is a series of small group events, each one focused on a different topic, with facilitated discussions about what’s most important in our lives.  Participation is limited, based on topic and venue, to keep it cozy and give everyone a chance to be heard.  Spot-coaching, wisdom-sharing and kindness are all on the menu.

The most common theme beneath all of the retreats and workshops I facilitate is the feeling of emotional safety that the participants experience.  I frequently hear comments like, “I talked about things here that I never felt comfortable talking about anywhere else.” It occurred to me that we all need a place to describe our present experience without fear of judgment or unsolicited advice, so I created this series of events.

Tell us what you’re experiencing, and we’ll listen without judgment.  No one will try to “fix” you.

You’ll leave with a sense of connection to wonderful, soulful women who will be happy to walk you home.

Each event will focus on a different aspect of living our fullest lives, but beneath it all, we’ll be learning how to be better friends to one another, how to develop deeper, more satisfying friendships, and how to be the kind of person that others trust to walk them home safely.

The inaugural event was held in July 2017, with a small group of extraordinary women.  I will gradually be opening it up to women who are on a similar journey of developing deep and abiding friendships, joyfully setting healthy boundaries, and creating their own communities of connected souls who show up completely and authentically for themselves and each other.

If you are interested in joining this community of amazing women, contact me directly.  (My contact information is below.)


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