Through Your Own Lens®

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You don’t make a photograph with just a camera; you bring to the act of photography all the pictures you have seen, the books you have read, the people you have loved. –Ansel Adams


Through Your Own Lens® retreats, created by Insight Coach Amy Steindler, are unique and powerful life coaching retreats, aimed at enriching the participants’ lives using best-in-class life coaching tools, with one important additional tool–photography.  The metaphorical connections to be made through “visualizing your right life,” “seeing the world in new ways,” “reframing,” and “seeing yourself through your own lens,” are valuable and thought-provoking ways to change your life for the better.


What are you focusing on? When you  create a visual, photographic representation of how you see the world, you will notice things you’ve never seen before.  You’ll experience the power and connection of becoming the observer of your own life.  This way of seeing and creating lead to the ultimate truth that whatever you focus on in your life is what you’ll see.  Changing your gaze a bit may just lead to an epiphany or two that will enrich you, free you, and help you create the life you want.


It’s not about taking professional-looking photographs–there are no judges, there is no panel.  Every participant, in every workshop, produces photographs that are stunning in their honesty and clarity.


What Past Participants Have Said About Through Your Own Lens®:

“You’ll get extraordinary and unexpected insight in the company of remarkable people while laughing—a lot.” –Andrea, Annapolis, MD

“Anyone can definitely benefit from it in so many ways! It really opens your eyes to what’s important to you and helps you deal with your struggles. I loved it and had a very good time at this workshop.” —Noa, Jerusalem, Israel

“Wonderful day of sharing and self-discovery in a warm and safe environment.”—Renee B., Annapolis, MD

“Peaceful, meditative, insightful, personal—a worthy retreat!”—MG, Annapolis, MD

“I learned not only from my own “aha’s” but from everyone else’s as well.”—Participant, Annapolis, MD

“You will be amazed at the insights you walk away with.”—Stephanie B., NYC

“Soul stirring, transformative and grounding.”—Participant, Annapolis, MD

“Remember the Magic 8 Balls we had as children? You know, the ones we used to consult to find the answers to our most burning questions? The Through Your Own Lens workshop will give you the ability to have something just as fun but much more insightful and true to you, right on your phone!”—Clementina, City Island, NY

“It was quite meaningful and intense and beautiful. Come only if you want to improve your life or gain new insights.”—Participant, Annapolis, MD

“This workshop directed me in a way that showed me the answers are there and easy to find. I am so thrilled I spent the time to explore.”—Participant, Annapolis, MD

“How fun and ‘unexpected’ the outcome was! Super cool!”—Participant, Annapolis, MD

“Amazing! Nourishing and insightul! Warm, fun and inviting on so many levels!”—Michele, Annapolis, MD

“Exceeded my expectations! Helped me feel connected to others—hearing the stories and concerns of others was a powerful element.”

“I felt safe and willing to share with others because the environment was cozy, sunny, welcoming, filled with friendly people, and of course YOU, with your positive energy. Your excitement for your work [creates] success for the participants.”—Participant, Annapolis, MD

“It is a great place to hear your own voice and be present to your untapped inner wisdom.”—AJL, Washington, DC

“Really revealing in ways I hadn’t expected.”—Rachel, NYC

“Life expanding, insightful self discovery.”

“Peaceful, enlightening.”

“It is a grounding workshop that gives another perspective, another way to balance the beauty of your life.”



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