About Amy


“Nobody can teach me who I am.  You can describe parts of me, but who I am, and what I need, these are things I have to find out myself.”  Chinua Achebe


How Did I Become an Insight Coach?

I came to Insight Coaching after 29 years in sales and management, working for big corporations and a Wall Street firm whose names you would recognize.  I was successful no matter what I did, which was a blessing AND a curse, making it harder to uncover what I really, truly, LOVED to do.  I had stumbled into my sales career without much consideration, going from job to job without anything resembling a plan.  Over time, I realized that my “career” felt hollow, but I had no idea what else to do.

In 2008, I took three of my four weeks of vacation (which didn’t sit well at The Firm, but maybe I misunderstood the concept of “you get four weeks of vacation every year”) to get some perspective.

Amy Steindler InsightOut Life CoachAfter nearly three weeks of unplugged bliss rafting the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon in October of that year, I emerged somewhat changed.  Everything looked a little different.  Little did I know that I had returned to a completely changed world.

The market had fallen off a cliff into an abyss as deep as the one I had just spent weeks admiring.  I returned to work, and was truly, madly, deeply miserable.  I began to question why I was spending my precious days stressed and unhappy, only looking forward to the daily closing bell.

Once I noticed what I was feeling, an epiphany revealed itself:  I wasn’t living authentically, I was just going through the motions to bring home a comfortable paycheck.

Despite the state of the market and the economy, I left my job to allow myself to  honor a longtime dream to spend a month snowboarding.  It was the first time I ever really allowed myself to fulfill a dream, and it felt amazing.  But when the month was up, I was at a loss.  I wanted that amazing feeling to be part of my day-to-day life.  But how to get it?

I tried interviewing with other financial firms, just to make sure I wasn’t throwing away the career of a lifetime, but it still didn’t feel good.  It was a confusing and disorienting time in my life, and I had no idea how to proceed.

That’s when I discovered life coaching, and became a Certified Life Coach with…

“The Best-Known Life Coach in America”*

I have been fortunate to train with America’s leading life coach, Martha Beck.  Her unique blend of wisdom and humor is so appealing to my essential self that I know I found the right teacher and the right process.

But while I’ve found my life’s work in life coaching, I’m honestly not crazy about the term.  As I think about what makes coaching so powerful, I see that it is the insights and epiphanies that my clients experience when they explore their own interior lives that I want to focus on.  Helping clients bring their insights out, giving voice to their “ten thousand truths,”  is work that feels more like play, for the clients as well as the coach.  The lives my clients design for themselves are based on their own perceptions of what makes a satisfying, fulfilling, meaningful life.

Today, I practice my own unique style of coaching.  Insight Coaching is based on the skills and tools I’ve learned throughout my life and my career, combined with the teachings of Martha Beck and dozens of other teachers, mentors and role models, as well as my training as a certified Emotional Intelligence trainer. I consider myself a collaborator, co-conspirator, counselor and cheerleader to your best life.

*According to Psychology Today

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