I have a client whose laughter lights up the world around her.  Her delight in discovering her ten thousand truths reveals itself in this laughter, and it infuses me with joy.  She recently discovered that a childhood fantasy was a metaphor for her adult life, and I plan to poach her fantasy-metaphor for myself and my clients, whenever appropriate.  I’ll start by sharing the story here.

As a child, “D” imagined an “anything-maker.”  Didn’t matter what you needed, the anything-maker could whip it up for her, instantly.  I imagine her small self, dreaming up everything from the perfect hot-fudge sundae to a space-transporter that would make Scotty swoon.  Perhaps it could function as a Prince Charming-maker some day. 

In a coaching sesh last weekend, “D” described her current state of mind as “bliss,” wanting to cry from happiness and the expansive sense of safety and magic and love in her body, as she felt her existence in the present moment.  Her head was having trouble keeping up with the fullness and gratitude that was filling her up, overflowing, welling over the edge.  It was so huge that she felt she couldn’t contain it all.

No words are sweeter to me.   Knowing that “D” can access and sustain that fullness of joy, and watching her live authentically,  fills my own cup to the runneth-over point.  Before my eyes, she is transformed, and I look forward to watching her connect with even more of her tribe, who will continue to fill her life with love and support.  For this, I am grateful. 

I was there to witness her recognition of a profound personal truth: her soul, her essential self, is actually the anything-maker.  She can trust the anything-maker, which resides within her, and release her attachment to outcomes.  Her anything-maker has the power to manifest the life she has longed for, and the wisdom to recognize it when it arrives. 

This is brilliant, and now I know that we each possess an anything-maker.  I hear it’s standard equipment on humans these days.   I plan to tap into my anything-maker right away.

Let’s dust them off, and start by dreaming up something simple, the life equivalent of a slushy lemonade on a sizzling summer day.  Then we can all learn to ask the anything-maker to whip up endless tasty delights–the life we’ve always dreamed of.   Anything will be possible.


12 Responses to The Anything-Maker

  1. Emily says:

    Ooh, I love it! What a great reminder of the power we each have to manifest our own desires.

  2. Jo says:

    What a powerful metaphor! Wonderful. Thank you for this! It’s a life-changer. I love it.

  3. Susan says:

    So simple, so beautiful. This is deep happy stuff to me as a human thus equipped and as a coach helping other read this forgotten part of the owner’s manual. Thank you for sharing!

  4. Andreas says:

    What a fantastic post, thank you so much. These are days when I need to believe that my anything-maker is alive and well, because I think he’s been so layered-over and beaten up that he’s in a me-induced coma. Time to start waking up. And please, please, keep the wonderful posts coming, they go really well with a glass of red…

    • amysteindler says:

      And I know I can count on you to find exactly the right red to pair with an epiphany! Your Anything Maker IS alive and well, but you might have to dig around in the attic (or basement) and take one of those special electrostatic dusting cloths to it. Brush off the dust, shine it up, and I’m absolutely sure you can fire it up at will. I’ll be there to clap and jump up and down and wave my arms like a crazy person when I get to witness it. Much love.

  5. Ashley Brooks says:

    Very inspiring! I love the reference to authentic living. It can be hard to do, but harder not to.

    • amysteindler says:

      You know it, girl. You can’t “un-know” something, once it has made itself known to you. When you glimpse your authentic path, it’s impossible to forget it. So happy to have you as an InsightOut “Lifer,” Ashley–I am so grateful you’re in my tribe…

  6. Maria Trakas says:

    Thank you Amy. You just reminded me this morning(top of the morning)that “my anything maker is alive and well.”

    Maria Trakas

  7. Townley says:

    My imagination explodes with the idea of the anything-maker; what a powerful image 🙂

  8. Ceil says:

    I love this post and it is very timely for me! Thanks for the inspiration! I am going to wake up and shake up my anything-maker!! What have I got to lose??

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