Living Your Life “Insight Out”

One of the deepest joys of life comes from knowing yourself well, and accepting, celebrating, and sharing your unique gifts.  But sometimes it’s hard to know what those gifts are, and it’s easy to doubt that they actually exist.  Many people live for decades without even an inkling that a light shines brightly inside them, if only they could clear away the layers of mud, dryer lint, and miscellaneous schmutz that obscures it.

I coach clients who want to live their lives “Insight Out,” and who are looking for a path toward discovering their true, essential selves. My clients work with me to learn more about how they operate in the world because they need some help bringing out their natural inclinations, and finding their truest path.  I don’t give advice, but allow each individual to find and follow their own “ten thousand truths.”  I have a gift for finding what’s been lost or hidden (sometimes for decades) so you can live your life on your terms, get what you want, and contribute something meaningful to the world.

My ClientsInsightOut Life Coaching

I have been honored to work with individuals engaged in the interior battle between external approval and heart’s desire, and baby-boomers who realize they’ve been living with anxiety or dissatisfaction for some time.    I coach professional practitioners and small business owners to build their practices and businesses in a way that eliminates the anxiety that they feel when faced with the desire to grow. In all areas of my practice, I have shared the excitement of left-brain directed, linear thinkers who are developing their right-brain capacity for synthesis and empathy, which unlocks creative avenues they never thought possible.

Laugh, Cry, and Discover Powerful Truths (in that order)

My clients share my fascination with essential self discovery, and are willing to laugh at their humanness, cry when sorrow washes over them, and honor their epiphanies big and small.  (If you’d rather just skip the crying part, you’re not alone, but if you plan to actually pull it off, I’m not the coach for you.)  The full range of human emotion is part of the process, so if you’re ready to participate fully in everything your life has to offer, hop on the thrill ride–I’ll be there to lock down the safety bar and throw the switch.

Get Coached

Everyone grows into the full expression of their authenticity in their own way, in their own time. I can’t tell you how to live more authentically, but I can help you find the words you can’t seem to find that clearly articulate what you want. I can tell you stories that inspire you, spread out the contents of my toolbox to lend you just the right tool for the job you’re about to tackle, and help you rustle up the optimism to have the audacity to dare to hope for the future you yearn for.

Embarking on your own true path means making difficult decisions that ultimately lead to a much more authentic life.  Clients tend to seek coaching when they’re at a crossroads–when they feel they have too many choices, or none at all.   When they feel stuck and confused about career or relationships.  If you’re in that disorienting and disturbing place, email me at, or call 410.268.1240 and let’s schedule an initial consult ($95) to see if Insight Coaching with me is right for you at this time.

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